70,000 TV Boxes for pirated IPTV seized in Port Santos | Telecommunication

IRS informed Tecnoblog of which 70,000 TV Boxes were seized in the Port of Santos (SP) between August and December 2020. This operation confiscated equipment for use with illegal IPTV and security devices. crystal unlock signals from legitimate operators. In another inspection, the IRS kept bags with unusual items on domestic flights.

Check sales and Anatel seized 70,000 TV Boxes (Image: Disclosure / Federal Revenue)

Check sales and Anatel seized 70,000 TV Boxes (Image: Disclosure / Federal Revenue)

The activity is conducted by the Santos Customs Department of Smuggling and Abuse Alert and Suppression, which is in partnership with Anatel. TV Boxes targeting pirated IPTVs and satellite receivers already come with software programmed to unlock 6,000 channels, including access to movies and other paid platforms.

The IRS reports that, only in the most recent operation, 20,000 TV Boxes were confiscated, shipped to border countries such as Paraguay and Uruguay, and they could be smuggled back to Brazil: the devices have children. Fake Anatel sign and document in Portuguese.

Revenue received by TV Box in case of domestic flight

The capture of TV Box doesn’t just happen in the portal environment: Recipe kept two suitcases including R $ 40,000 worth of goods at Manaus airport, in the Amazonas.

The passenger flew from Guarulhos (SP) and was not found upon disembarking, but informed by phone that he did not have documents to prove the legality of the cargo. He was prosecuted for copyright infringement and non-material property, as well as for appropriation of property.

Luggage has 58 TV Boxes and 10 Blu Z5 mobile phones. The IRS found that goods originating from abroad with clear signs of their commercial destination, with no strong evidence of regular imports.

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