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Without fanfare, Vivo has launched its own digital account. Application Vivo Recarga It has a prepaid virtual card and allows you to use your balance for payments, top up mobile phones and transfer money. However, the service is outdated: Pix is ​​not supported and TED transactions are billed.

Vivo Recarga app on Android smartphone (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

Vivo Recarga is Vivo’s new digital account (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

At first glance, the name Vivo Recarga is very strange, because the service to recharge prepaid phones uses the same term. Anyone can create a digital account, whether they are Vivo customers or not.

Vivo Recarga doesn’t have a physical credit or debit card, but allows you to use the virtual prepaid card in credit functionality – you need an account balance to make the transaction. You can also use the app to pay coupons, transfer via QR Code (other Vivo Recarga accounts only), and buy credits for Uber, Spotify, iFood and Google Play.

At least for now, Vivo Recarga’s digital accounts are only available for smartphones with Android operating system.

Vivo Recarga charges boleto and TED

The only ways to pour money into Vivo Recarga are boleto bancário, TED or DOC. I opened an account for testing and tried to send money via Pix, but the transaction was rejected by the affiliate (Banco Votorantim).

Another problem is the Vivo charging R $ 2.00 per coupon and more R $ 3.50 per TED or DOC done for other banks. There is no fee for switching to another Vivo Recarga account.

Vivo Recharge Rate (Photo: Reproduction / Vivo Site)

Vivo Recharge Rate (Photo: Reproduction / Vivo Site)

So, to say Vivo Recarga is a service with few advantages is absolutely correct. We’re in December 2020 and already have a lot of free digital wallets or accounts, offer more benefits and support Pix.

Recharging with your Vivo Recarga account offers upfront bonuses

It sounds confusing, but yes: whoever deposits via Vivo Recarga account gets twice as much bonus as other digital platforms. So far, this is the only advantage I found in the application.

Deposit amount Bonuses on other platforms Rewards in Vivo Recarga account
R $ 15 200 MB 400 MB
R $ 20 500 MB 1 GB
R $ 25 800 MB 1.6 GB
R $ 30 1 GB 2 GB

Vivo does not specify the deadline for rewards on the Vivo Recarga website – on traditional platforms, the internet franchise is only valid for 7 days.

Digital accounts Claro and TIM

It’s not just Vivo that is entering the digital accounts and wallet market:

  • THE sure announced the digital wallet Claro Pay in November. The public launch will take place in January 2021 and the service is maintained by Banco Indowa. The app can deposit, withdraw money, statements, transfer by Pix, pay bills and taxes, as well as top up numbers of any carrier.
  • THE HEART has a partnership with C6 Bank. Operator users enjoy internet bonuses if top-ups or bill payments are done by digital banking, in addition to better investment interest and annuity benefits on credit cards.

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