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Even during the pandemic, Xiaomi opened another Mi Store in Europe, located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. In addition to selling products made and sold by Chinese brands (with their partners, such as Mijia), it is the company’s first physical retailer to offer in-person technical support at store.

Xiaomi opens Mi Store in Poland (Image: public / Twitter)

Xiaomi opened Mi Store in Poland (Image: disclosure /Twitter)

In addition to the unprecedented in-house technical repair service, Mi Store, which opened in the second half of December, is the largest in all of Central and Eastern Europe. The move is one of Xiaomi’s key steps to strengthen its presence across the continent, especially at a time of heightened tensions between the United States and China.

The trade clash between the two giants focuses on Huawei when it comes to technology, but it could eventually spill over to Xiaomi and its other products the same way drone maker DJI is close to. this causes.

The technical support inside the Mi Store may seem unimportant when there are nationwide authorized repair points, but it’s important for a new brand like Xiaomi, as many potential buyers fear the exact translation. offers will be provided in post-discounts.

Mi Store offers a connected home experience

Another way that Xiaomi has found to be able to introduce its products to the European public still unknown to the brand, at least in this company’s new Mi Store, is to create a kind of room to try out the connected home device.

Xiaomi opens Mi Store in Poland (Image: public / Twitter)

Xiaomi opened Mi Store in Poland (Image: disclosure /Twitter)

Including plug-in products like smart lights, air purifiers, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners and all kinds of skin care devices that use some sort of internet connection, over Wi-Fi. .

This kind of experience already exists at the brand’s other physical stores, as was the case with two Mi Store stores that opened in São Paulo last year. Here, Xiaomi’s presence is the result of a collaboration between the Chinese brand and Brazilian DL – previously, in 2015, the company went to Brazil, on the occasion by its own means.

This growth in Europe and other markets paid off for the company. It surpassed Apple in the third quarter of this year and has become the third brand to sell the most mobile phones in the world. Annual sales growth was recorded at 42% and greater than the same figure registered by four other competitors in this ranking with five names, combined.

All of this has led the Chinese company to reach $ 100 billion in market value for the first time, with more than 40 smartphones launching this year – that’s nearly a new phone every week. The number is very similar to its Korean rival Samsung.

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