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In addition to how to restore power to iPhone 12, the charger Apple MagSafe It is also compatible with other cell phones from apple and the AirPods have wireless charging. However, according to tests conducted last week, the new accessory tends to make recharging more slowly if not used in the brand’s new smartphone.

Apple MagSafe on iPhone 12 (Image: Press release / Apple)

Apple MagSafe on iPhone 12 (Image: Press release / Apple)

It is what shows MacRumors this Friday (23). To check the charging times for Apple’s new wireless charger, the website used the iPhone XS Max with 1% battery left and in airplane mode. Overall, in two tests performed, the cell phone recovered 13% and 14% of the capacity of the component when it was placed on the accessory for half an hour.

For comparison, cell phones are even re-powered via Belkin’s 7.5-watt wireless charger. In this case, the results were better: with the same time and conditions as MagSafe, the iPhone XS Max battery reached 26% of the charge.

The new accessory has also been reviewed by the YouTube channel Technology max. In a video released Thursday (22), the accessory provided lower power to a wireless charger with the Qi standard not only on iPhones, reaching as low as 0.96 watts in one. number of cases.

In tests conducted with the iPhone SE (2020), Apple’s wireless charger delivered 1.83 watts, while the Mophie and its “low-cost” accessories reached 5.55 watts and 8.4, respectively. watts. According to the manufacturer, on the iPhone 12, MagSafe is capable of delivering 15 watts when plugged into a 20-watt socket adapter.

However, some caveats must be taken into account. As noted by 9to5MacThe results are not only verified through an app, instead of counting the recharge time from start to finish, just like the iPhone 12 is the only mobile phone with a magnetic mechanism to align accessories properly. body.

Apple MagSafe on iPhone 12 (Image: Press release / Apple)

Apple MagSafe on iPhone 12 (Image: Press release / Apple)

Apple MagSafe can leave traces on iPhone 12 cases

Just last week, Apple had pre-ordered charging via MagSafe. According to a page explaining how the charger is used in the successors of the iPhone 11, the new accessory could leave round marks on the iPhone 12’s leather case.

“If you keep your iPhone in a holster while charging it with a MagSafe charger, the case may show circular contacts,” they said.

The company also issued other warnings to consumers, such as limiting recharging up to 80% if the phone is too hot, to conserve battery power and prioritize use of the Lightning port if accessories and cables are connected. simultaneous. Apple also advises consumers not to place credit cards and the like between the phone and the MagSafe charger.

MagSafe was announced with the iPhone 12 on October 13, 2020. In addition to the wireless charger, the technology also allows users to attach accessories to compatible phones thanks to a set of magnets located on the back.

With information: 9to5Mac, MacRumors (first and two) and Technology max

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