Facebook Launches Competitor Streaming From Google Stadia With Mobile Game | Game

THE Facebook, via Facebook’s Games division, announced on Monday (26) that it has launched a streaming service for mobile games. The platform is free and games too, but access, for now, is limited to certain regions of the US and only on Android, is not expected to reach Brazil or iOS yet.

Facebook joins the game wave by streaming (Image: Facebook)

Facebook joins the game wave by streaming (Image: Facebook)

The idea is that the games run directly on a social networking app, through the Facebook Gaming division, without having to download another app to enjoy the title. You can also play with the mouse and keyboard on your computer, even if they are games on mobile phones.

Despite its similar in mind to Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and other derivatives, in reality it will behave very differently in a user-driven way, starting with the lack of any model. register yet.

The announcement also makes clear that the intent to games via streaming and the Facebook cloud is not to match the console or other game hardware, as the service itself says in the ad. They also do not want to promise anything that is too big and not provide a satisfactory foundation.

“We won’t promise too much and offer less (…) we don’t try to replace your favorite gaming hardware (…), we’ll start with what they do. I do my best and extend on that basis “text.

In addition to the full and free games, Facebook Gaming will also begin exploring playable, interactive advertisements for anyone wanting to try out the game, before moving on to the full version.

Games on Facebook

The first games confirmed for streaming from Facebook have been announced.

They have:

  • Asphalt 9: Legends
  • Mobile Legends: Adventure
  • PGA TOUR Golf penalty shootout
  • Solitaire: The Story of Arthur
  • Dirt Bike Unchained (The second week)

More titles will be added, as the platform expands, still in beta testing, taking place worldwide – scheduled for early 2021.

With information: Facebook.

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