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THE Google is the default search engine for apple, like iOS, but that could come at a cost to the search giant: up to $ 12 billion a year. That’s what one reports from The New York Times This Sunday (25), brings fresh details about the supposed deal between the two companies for search engine preference.

Google on iPhone (Image: Oliver Graumnitz / Pixabay)

Google on iPhone (Image: Oliver Graumnitz / Pixabay)

The report gives a new insight into the US government’s action against Google, which allegedly maintains a monopoly in the search and advertising market, opened on 20th. According to the report, in 2017 , the deal has been extended to continue. Standard search engine on Apple systems.

It is estimated that Google currently pays Apple $ 8 to $ 12 billion a year to prioritize search engines, or 14% to 21% of iPhone maker’s annual revenue. The value will be higher than previously assumed, at $ 1 billion in 2014 and $ 3 billion in 2017.

Welcoming by the US newspaper, Apple declined to comment on this issue. Google forwarded a link to a company blog publication, where it defended itself from the lawsuit’s allegations and showed how it could be used with other search engines with ease. iOS and macOS as well as on Android and Chrome.

Google is sued by the US government

Google is being sued by US authorities. In a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and attorney generals in 11 states last week, the US company was accused of maintaining an illegal monopoly in online searches and advertising.

According to the Justice Department, the company has achieved market leadership by paying to be the standard search engine on both mobile phones and computers, as is the case with a corporate-Apple partnership. In some cases, the search giant even banned the preset of competing services, as the lawsuit pointed out.

As a defense, Google said the lawsuit was “deeply flawed”, claiming that its services were used because they were chosen by the users themselves. The lawsuit is compared to the lawsuits against Microsoft in the 1990s, because Internet Explorer was integrated into Windows 98.

With information: Google (Blog), MacRumors and The New York Times

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