Bahia university lends students laptops with spyware

With the move to distance education due to the coronavirus virus, student digital security has become an even more important issue. However, not all organizations guarantee this protection. This is the case of the Federal University of South Bahia (UFSB), which lends notebooks to students to study. What they do not know is spyware devices.

KidLogger on UFSB laptop (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

KidLogger on UFSB laptop (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

The complaint was filed by the Central Student Directory (DCE) of UFSB, which warned of the KidLogger program’s presence in more than one notebook. In videoA DCE member explained that the software was found by a student and suggested that anyone who found the program, register to report to the police and file a complaint with the college inspector.

KidLogger is a software for parents to keep track of what their kids are doing on the internet. In the free version, the program promises to record PC activity over a nine-day period, including recording audio played by the device’s microphone, and data storage such as browsing history. web, keystrokes, screenshots and most uses. programs.

On its website, KidLogger says it allows for remote device monitoring and presents what will be a monitoring board. The program emphasizes that it is also helpful for companies to track employee activity and announce that its Android version can take pictures and send them to third parties without the user’s knowledge.

What does the university say

After the students reported, the Dean of Information Technology and Communication and the Dean of Action confirmed at UFSB were analyzing the case. In Note, they said they held a meeting on Thursday (22) with representatives from DCE and several students reported the problem.

“The authorities have made it clear that they respect the privacy of scholars and are not adopting any mechanism that violates this right. Immediate referrals are the collection and analysis of a number of affected machines to investigate how this application is installed and define a process that ensures information protection for students whose devices are experiencing problems. This and uninstalling monitoring app is complete and safe. ”, Said notes.

This Friday (23), the academy opened an investigative committee to investigate the situation. Students who have a laptop that the university borrowed for analysis will also be provided with other equipment via a loan to continue participating in distance classes, the statement said.

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