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One of the most talked about topics of the week was the controversy involving the brand management team Xbox in Brazil, after his position involved the end of a contract with host Isadora Basile, which has been subjected to attacks by a section of the Xbox community on social media.

In Tecnoblog Community, the highlight is the recent compatibility of Banco Inter with Google Pay. Check out this and other related subjects from October 17 to 23.

TB community # 40

TB Comunidade 40 (Photo: André Leonardo / Tecnoblog

5 best discussions in the TB Community

  1. Inter Bank is available on Google Pay
  2. Smartphone memory, 128 or 256 GB?
  3. What are the advantages of curved screens on mobile phones?
  4. RSS reader application
  5. Stabilizer, circuit breaker, best used for each type?

In ours communityStaff commented extensively on the recent Banco Inter app compatibility with Google Pay. It is now easier to make an approximate value payment, if your smartphone supports NFC technology.

Banco Inter (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

Banco Inter (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

Many members of the community also commented on the ideal size for iPhone storage, so there is no worry in the future. This then led to another discussion about “iCloud x Google Photos”. So which service do you prefer? Participate in discussions in our community.

The 5 best discussions of the Tecnoblog tutorial

  1. Microsoft announced her resignation for the hostess attacked
  2. With a high dollar and Apple price, an iPhone 12 priced at $ 10,000 is inevitable
  3. Banco Inter to Google Pay to pay with mobile phone
  4. Brazil has the second most expensive PS5 in the world; See Sony prices
  5. Windows 10 forces the installation of Office web apps on PC

The most mentioned topic among them Tecnoblog, is Microsoft’s positioning, after Isadora Basile’s resignation. The presenter is responsible for the Xbox BR channel on YouTube and is frequently attacked by a small portion of the community with hatred and violence.

Microsoft commented on what happened, but this explanation does not seem to have convinced the public online.

The possibility that the price of the iPhone 12 exceeds R $ 10,000 in Brazil, is also a widely commented topic here. Yeah, it’s not easy for anyone. While Apple hasn’t announced the official price, we can only wait.

The Playstation 5 is also an expected device in this country, but it seems a bit far from the reality of the Brazilian. After all, as seen in the survey conducted by the Tecnoblog team, Brazil has the second most expensive PS5 in the world.

PlayStation 5 with Disc or Digital Edition;  which one to buy?  / Press releases / Sony

Playstation 5 (Image: Disclosure / Sony)

That way, we’ll reach the end of another week. Be sure to participate Tecnoblog Community to answer questions and participate in discussions.

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