The government signed laws that save the digital society forever

Federal government published in Official Diary of the Union this Friday (23) the punishment Law No. 14.075 / 20, extend the use of call digital social savings. In fact, the new law permanently regulates the mode in the country’s financial system. The text has been passed without restriction by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party).

Digital Social Savings was created with the aim of facilitating the receipt of Emergency Assistance benefits and emergency withdrawals from the Severance Compensation Fund (FGTS). This is a simplified and free maintenance savings account.

The Caixa Tem App (Image: Lucas Lima / Tecnoblog)

The Caixa Tem App (Image: Lucas Lima / Tecnoblog)

With the advent of the law, digital social savings can be used to pay benefits in the event of reduced hours or a contract suspension, irregular FGTS withdrawals and deposits from chapters Other social submission. Citizens can also receive social security benefits under this type of account, as long as they provide a clear authorization for this.

Text also raises the limit for free electronic money transfers from one to three monthly transactions. In addition, digital savings account holders will be able to use the account to pay checks and withdraw money for free each month.

There is more. Modal account users can get a physical card to use the account, which was banned in the original project and transferred up to R $ 5,000 per month. However, issuing checks is still prohibited. If people need access to more functions, they may request to convert their accounts to ordinary savings.

The new law also stipulates that digital social savings are automatically generated for Emergency Aid payments and other benefits. However, the financial institution that performs the procedure will not be allowed to use the margin amount to write off debts or offset negative balances.

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