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Riot Game is one of the leading game developers worldwide with League of Legends and Mobile Truth Arena. It has once affirmed its position again with the recent introduction of Valorant. This new game quickly grasped the gaming community’s attention. Many famous streamers also gave positive reviews of Valorant. But what kind of game is Valorant? How to download the Valorant mobile version for free? Let’s discover the highlights of this game in the following article.

What is Valorant Mobile about?

Valorant is currently available on Android devices. Valorant Mobile is a first-person shooter (FPS) game, also referred to as Project A. It first came into the market in October 2019 as part of the new series of Riot Games, the League of Legends’ father.

Similar to FPS games of the same genre, such as Overwatch or Call of Duty, there are regular gunfights. However, the game characters have particular skill sets, including the ability to use natural elements and weapons.

Moreover, Valorant is a free game for players to enjoy a great gaming experience freely. As Riot emphasized, the ultimate weapon of players is their imagination. Gamers should develop a useful technique for themselves to increase their chances of triumph.

How does Valorant differ from FPS games?

Like PC Valorant, Valorant mobile’s characters are called Agents. You need to select your character at the onset of each match. Once you’ve selected the character, it’ll accompany you throughout the whole game. Hence, you should carefully consider which character to play before embarking on the battle to obtain the ultimate edge.

Riot values the skills and tactics of game players. Therefore, a good teammate spirit, smooth cooperation and communication can help a team get a resounding victory. Like League of Legends, skins or special effects don’t offer any in-game advantage in Valorant mobile.

Valorant Mobile Version

Valorant mobile’s primary game mode resembles Counter Strike’s bombshell shape. There are 2 teams, the defender and the attacker team, each with 5 members. Each match has many rounds, and two teams change sides after 2 rounds. Each round lasts for 1 minute 40 seconds, which means you just need about half an hour to finish the game. 

Before the game starts, players choose the Agents with specific abilities. Then, the attacking team tries to place the Spike (a bomb) on one of the map’s various bombsites. The defending team has to defuse the Spike once it’s placed or prevent the attacking team from planting the Spike. The team either killing the opponent team or avoiding respawns throughout one round will win. 

At the onset of each round, Valorant players will receive money (or Creds). They will use Creds to buy weapons, armours, etc., in the Buy Phase. How much money the players get depends on their performance in the past round. Such actions as placing Spike, getting kills, and succeeding or losing a round also bring extra Creds to players.

Will Valorant overtake Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)?

Shroud, a famous streamer in the FPS gaming community, has recently commented on Valorant after he played it with close beta. He expressed great enthusiasm with Valorant. He even predicted that Valorant once day might overtake Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). 

Valorant close beta

Despite playing many shooting games such as Apex Legends, PUBG, CoD: Warfare, etc.,  Shroud still believed that Valorant was a fascinating game this gamer has a chance to experience. Passionate players also shared this opinion. They are expecting to see this game on other gaming platforms other than PC platforms. For Valorant mobile, Players can have a great playing experience with appealing graphics and characters. 

How to download Valorant mobile free?

You can easily install and play the Valorant Mobile game. So select the download button to obtain Valorant Mobile Apk into your Android system. For iOS platforms, the IPA file can help you install the game. Now, look at the simple steps to download Valorant Mobile

  1. Click on the download button to get the Valorant APK file.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the file, please open it and run it on your smartphones.
  3. Now, you can start the app.
  4. After the screen game verification,  you can move on to the final step and click OK.
  5. Read the instructions carefully once you’ve returned to the game.
  6. After verification, Valorant Mobile will load and appear on your phones.

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